Loses weight very fast

Another cause with which many identify is stress, both emotional and work and in this the nutritionist Esteban Tapia says that there is no age or socioeconomic level, it happens to anyone. When the person loses weight, in many occasions the percentages of fat increase Healthy Life Garcinia, increasing heart disease or hormonal problems.

“When we talk about a pathology, we are talking about emotional stress, depression, stress for work, lack of time, serious illnesses. But when the person is stressed, the cortisone levels are very high, the person loses weight but mainly occurs at the muscular level because the cortisone is acting very strong and therefore loses weight very fast, in some cases they forget to eat or in others eat more, “said Tapia.

“When the person is depressed, the brain -which is one of the organs that burns more calories, more or less 30% of the daily caloriesis with constant ideas and really uses a lot of energy (…) sometimes they do not have to go where a nutritionist, but where a doctor. We are talking about that a person can lose up to two Healthy Life Garcinia, three kilos per week when it is normal to lose one, “said the expert.

Updated: December 25, 2018 — 6:35 am

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